This is becoming quite a common misconception by long term extension wearers, even clients who have been visiting our salons for years... but glue reactions usually occur almost immediately after lash application, are very uncommon and we haven't changed adhesive or lash products in over two years, so we started to investigate what may be causing this to occur...

One of the scariest things we hear from clients is that they do not wash, and in some extreme cases, WET, their lashes... AT ALL.  

The natural function of our eyelashes is to protect our eyes by catching and trapping pollen, dust and other allergens that threaten that area, so having extensions applied is like super sizing that function, that is why keeping those little super filters clean should be of utmost priority to extension wearers.  When you don't keep them clean, you run the risk of developing Blepharitis.


Ewww What is Blepharitis

This scary sounding medical condition that can develop from an overload of bacteria around the eyes, it could be caused by a lot of things including lack of eye hygiene, using a lot of makeup and not removing it correctly or from using products that are not meant to be used on the eye area and thus upsetting the delicate balance of the skin in that area. It could also be a sign of an allergy to a new shampoo/cleanser/product.

When you wear eyelash extensions and have this issue, it is generally that the eyes have not been washed properly and the build-up of dust, dirt, pollen and makeup have caused bacteria to flourish.

It is up to you if you choose to remove your lashes while you treat this condition, it will make the treatment slightly easier for you if you do, but can definitely be treated with a bit of extra care with extensions still on. If you choose to remove, you are free to replace your extensions when your eye area is calm and clear of problems.


What does it look like?

Blepharitis can look like dry skin, or flaking on the eyelid and along the lash line.  It can also involve redness or itchiness and very mild swelling from you scratching the itch.  You may have one of these symptoms or a combination of them.

It is very important to resist rubbing or itching the affected area.  You can make it worse by irritating an area that is already sensitive, or even accidentally scratch the skin with your nails and cause a wound.



Apply warm (not hot) compresses to the eye area to help soften any dry, flaking skin and to encourage the pores to open so they can be cleaned properly of any blockages. Use a clean wash cloth or a cotton pad for this, soak in the warm water, wring out and then hold on the area for a few minutes. You can do this morning and night, or more often if you like.

After the compress, mix one part baby shampoo to ten parts water (one or two drops shampoo in a half cup of  warm water should do it) then using cotton tips gently clean around the lash line on the top and also the bottom lashes, avoiding getting any in your eyes.

Rinse clean with cool water and pat gently dry. You may wish to apply a tiny bit of plain cream suitable for eczema/psoriasis (for example brands like egoderm or QV) on the eyelid to help relieve any itching or dryness on the skin. Avoid getting too close to the lash line, you do not want the cream too close to your eye. You may like to apply the cream with a cotton tip to make it easier not to go too overboard with the amount of cream.

For any itching, swelling or discomfort you can try a non-drowsy antihistamine tablet to relieve these symptoms.

Once your symptoms have cleared, it’s a good idea to keep up with a gentle lash cleansing routine. Lash care co foaming facial cleanser is safe to use around your extensions and eye area, and is gentle enough not to irritate whilst keeping your eye area clean and healthy.  Wash your eyes specifically daily to remove any dirt, dust and makeup that may have built up to avoid further issues with bacteria.

Please note that this advice is of a general nature only.  If you are concerned about your condition please see a pharmacist, doctor or a dermatologist for specific advice for your condition.

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But there is no reason for them to be enemies!!

The simple after care instructions for eyelash extensions become a little bit harder to navigate when you're considering the scheduling of other beauty treatments.  For example, you can't have a spray tan directly before your lashes are applied because the under eye pad used during the application of eyelash extensions will leave you looking particularly panda-esk plus the tanning solution leaves a residue that prevents the lash glue from adhering properly.  Now you can have a spray tan directly after your extensions are applied, but as your tan will be due to be rinsed off 2-8 hours later, that is 14-22 hours short of how long you have to keep your lashes dry for... confused yet?  I told you it was hard to navigate!!

The one treatment that I indulged in over the weekend that has the potential to go really wrong for extension wearers is a facial, so I have some tips on how you can still relax into a relaxing and beneficial facial without worrying about your lashes falling off:

1. Communicate with your therapist:  If you are having your lashes applied by a good technician, your therapist may not even know you have extensions, so don't assume they have noticed or that they know how to care for your extensions during your facial.

2. Oil:  Chances are the skin care range the salon uses will contain oils of some kind, so simply ask your therapist to avoid your eye area (brow bone to the top of your cheek bone) when using these formulations.

3. Steam:  Many facials use a facial steamer as part of the treatment, this opens the pores to give a deep cleansing action.  Generally it is not recommended if you have sensitive skin or skin that is prone to broken capiliaries and definitely a big no no when you have eyelash extensions.

4. Excessive heat:  During my facial on Saturday, I had thought to mention the steam and the oil, but it wasn't until that hot towel was being wrapped around my face to remove my mask that I had a mini heart attack... NOOOO, NO HEAT ON MY LASHES!!!  So just one more thing to mention to your therapist, 'wrap me up, but avoid my eyes please'

5. Skin care: While we will look after your lash health, your beauty therapist is the best person to discuss your individual skin care needs, just make sure that the skin care they recommend for your eye area is oil free and avoid using cleansers containing oil in the shower (as they will wash the oil based product through through lashes).  If you wear eye makeup and want to be completely sure your skin care range is oil and aha free, check out The LASH CARE Co. range in our salons.

So you can have your cake and eat it too, just remember these five simple rules and you will have glowing skin, gorgeous lashes and almost no need to apply a lick of makeup.

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Sunday, 22 April 2012 21:51

North Lakes Times - Fantastic Five

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011 19:11

Calling all Mascara lovers

Not sure about eyelash extensions, but not getting enough impact from your monthly eyelash tint?

Find that Australia's humid climate drives your mascara half way down your face by lunch time?

Cry Baby, the original semi permanent mascara could be the answer to all of your prayers.  Cry Baby Semi-Permanent Mascara is a procedure that curls and coats lashes with Cry Baby's proprietary lash coating. This coating adds volume, length, curl and color to lashes, is 100% waterproof/ smear-proof and lasts two weeks, often longer. It’s ideal for active lifestyles as well as special events like weddings and vacations. Better still, it’s professionally applied by our technicians in as little as half an hour, even less if we're just coating the bottom lashes to compliment your eyelash extensions.

LASH ME specialise in eyes, and as one of the first to be offering this amazing product in Australia, we've taken our commitment to your eye health one step further than other local salons by ensuring that we have two lashettes certified in the application of Cry Baby Mascara in each of our salons.  You can rest assured that you are in good hands when you book in for this exciting new service with LASH ME Eyelash Extensions. 

How long will CryBaby Mascara last?

With proper care, CryBaby Mascara will last 2 weeks or longer. For one-time special occasions, CryBaby will slowly wear off the natural lash over a 2 to 3 week period.

How thick will CryBaby Mascara make lashes?

Typically CryBaby Mascara will thicken natural lashes 30 to 50%. It is designed to make lashes thicker, fuller, and longer like mascara, but it is also water-proof, smear-proof and lasts much longer.

How long will CryBaby Mascara make lashes?

On average, CryBaby Mascara can make lashes look 20% to 50% longer.

How is CryBaby Mascara maintained?

Although some people get CryBaby Mascara for a special occasion or vacation, most love the look so much that they chose to maintain it. Reapplication on a two week basis keeps the lashes looking fresh and new.

How soon before an event should CryBaby Mascara be applied?

CryBaby Mascara can be applied the day of a special event; however, we suggest having it applied 4 hours prior. This ensures accurate curing time for the mascara and the freshest possible look for the lashes.

Can regular Mascara be used over CryBaby Mascara?

Regular mascara will not need to be used with CryBaby Mascara. As CryBaby wears off, washable mascara can be worn. Petroleum based mascaras can break down CryBaby and shorten its life. Mascara used with CryBaby should be water-washable; although after several applications over CryBaby, it can get thick, clumpy and dull. CryBaby Nutritional Volume Mascara is the best bet.

Can regular cleanser be used to remove make up?

Because cleansers are usually very emollient, we don’t recommend them for the eyelashes. Instead we recommend an oil free makeup remover. Keeping eyes clean is essential. Face and eye area should be washed and cleaned daily. Eye creams and moisturizers for the skin are fine, but keep them off lashes.

Can CryBaby Mascara pull natural eyelashes off?

No. Eyelashes should not be picked, pulled, or rubbed. Gently blot them dry after a shower or swim. An eyelash may come off if treated roughly. Treat lashes with respect and be gentle with them. The gentler CryBaby Mascara is treated, the longer it will last. If picking or pulling is a problem for a client, we do not recommend CryBaby Mascara.

How will sleeping affect CryBaby lashes?

CryBaby is very flexible, so if lashes get misshapen during sleep, warm water or a shower will bounce them back into shape. Sleeping with a pillow or blanket over the head may affect the longevity of CryBaby Mascara. Side sleepers may notice that the eye on the side they sleep on wears a little more than the other side.

If you have further questions, would like to book in for this new service or add it on to your current scheduled appointment, check out the Cry Baby website or call your local salon to speak with one of our qualified therapists.

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Wednesday, 23 February 2011 21:24

Goodbye Wooloowin, hello Paddington!!!

Nearly 12 months ago LASH ME ventured a little further from our first salon to offer Wooloowin residents our services and found that we were booked solid for weeks in advance.  The fact that we were so very busy each Monday, told us that it was time to open a full time salon a little closer to the city... so after searching the inner city suburbs we have found a gorgeous location at Paddington Central on Latrobe Terrace. 

The new location offers the convenience of FREE parking with the style and surround of gorgeous Paddington.  Our new Paddington Salon will be managed by our uber talented Lash Technician Karleen and will cater to the working woman with extra 'after hours' appointments available.

We do hope our Wooloowin clients will bear with us while we are making the move from Wooloowin to Paddington and trust that you will enjoy the convenience and comfort of our new Brisbane salon, just 3km from the city at Paddington.  To make enquiries or book in advance, please call our North Lakes Salon on 3481 2733.

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Saturday, 10 July 2010 10:39

Mink Fur

Mink eyelash extensions first came to fame when Iconic fashionista, Madonna paid thousands of dollars to adorn her eyes in them, their following quickly grew to include the likes of Jennifer Lopez and beyonce.  These extensions are soft, lightweight and more natural looking than anything the eyelash extension world has every known.

We maticulously place a single siberian mink fur fibre on each of your natural lashes, the light weight of the lashes allows us to utilise even the smallest or 'new' lashes that can not hold a traditional acrylic extension.  You can decide just how long you would like to take your lashes and how much curl you need to create the look you're after, our lashes range in length from 9-17mm.

Also, to put your mind at ease, the 100% genuine siberian mink fur we use is ethically collected by means of brushing the fibres from the coat of the siberian mink, these fibres are then dyed, curled and packaged in Korea.

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