This blog is essentially about lashes, right?  Well to be perfectly honest I can't say unequivically that it will always be about lashes, because as the subtext suggests, I like a good rant ;-)

I am Katrina, the founder, sole director and operator of LASH ME Eyelash Extensions.  I am a single mother of two gorgeous little men, I have four salons operating across two states (Noosa joining us in less than two weeks will make five locations) and I work my ASS off to make my life work.  So when I booked in to have a two hour pamper package today at Beautiful You in Margate, I suspected that i wouldn't actually ever make it.  Boy am I glad i did...

I slid in the (wrong) door at 12.37pm... does seven minutes make you late?  yeah yeah, i know the answer!! I was greeted by Tailor who explained she would be looking after me today (I REALLY wanted to poach her, but I think Toni would have my backside if I tried)... I was lead to a seperate alcove from the rest of the salon to sit and talk about what would happen during the next two hours... 

I have been to five star day spa's in the past, including Sydney's Observatory Day Spa, but I have to tell you, today surpassed all previous expereiences... I was treated to a full body sugar scrub, 20 minute spa, full body massage, moisturising body wrap, scalp massage and a cheeky facial that I added on to the pakcage for an extra $50... 2 hours being pampered is like an entire day in mum-time!!  After i had dressed and meandered back out to the seperate spa area lounge room, i was given herbal tea and a cold glass of water... nothing was rushed, everything was perfect, tailor was simply divine!!

The softness of my skin resembles that of my 10 month old son!!

I haven't even gotten to the best bit yet!  The gorgeous owner of Beautiful You has a special offer just for LASH ME fans and clients... mention this blog post when booking your very own 2 hour spa experience and instead of paying $240, you'll pay just $150

Now you have no excuse not to treat yourself <3
(07) 3284 6463 

ps spelling and gramma mistakes are due to overly relaxed arm and finger muscles ;-)

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